Mario Lett

My story is quite different. I did not get my dance start until around 2005 when a friend of mine invited me to go swing dancing. I told him "I don't swing dance, I'm too big!" He told me to just try and as you probably guess, I tried it. A few years later after much practice and hard work I started competing in West Coast Swing Dancing. I have been throughout the Southeast competing in cities such as Miami, Fl, New Orleans, LA and Atlanta GA to name a few places scoring very high! After getting my start in dance, I decided to study Music Business with Full Sail University and as of May 2015 have been a graduate! I have used what I have learned to not only assist in conducting business but learning more about MUSIC! I absolutely love music! Continuously training in other partner dances in ballroom rhythm, smooth, latin and club dances such as Argentine Tango and Hustle, I just enjoy learning about all arts of body movement. I guess you could just call me a lover of dance!